Capstone Commercial Brokers
Pioneering Middleman in UAE

“Right things at the right place at the right time” is what make wonders. On a closer look, Resources and businessmen are prevalent, but they always stand apart. Channeling them to make productivity is what we cater.

About Us:

Capstone Commercial Brokers is a wing of Saif Business Service L.L.C, which has its multiple branches in UAE and in India. We are at the forefront of landmark property management, asset management and property management consultancy which has the experience in associating with the major real estate developers and asset owners in the region. We provide our service through highly skilled professionals who cover the span of roles required to ensure commercial and operational success of real estate assets.

Property Management

Your convenience is foremost to us. Therefore, all the real estate related issues will be handled by us to cater you a hustle free deal. The legality, the maintenance of the properties, foreseeing and preventing the contingencies, and aiding assistance in every aspect is some of the key features we offer.

Snagging and
Creating Inventory





Dealing with
bounced rental

Property Consultant

We are equipped with the expertise to advise our clients about real estate decisions and therefore, we believe that ideal property consultants are the key element in any real estate business. Our property consultant will guide the investors to find their dream investment. Also, they show the potential buyers and investors the best property at their tailor-made budget. Being expertise in this market, they also have the ability to foresee any upcoming contingencies and can help out our clients with timely advice.

Manpower Supply

Capstone Manpower supply is well established UAE based company that has proven its specialization in manpower supply with pioneering recruitment for a long way. We believe in providing the best to reap the best results.


  • Supply of trained manpower
  • Contract staffing
  • Construction and engineering staff
  • Manpower supply and logistic service
  • General helpers, skilled and semiskilled employees
  • Conduct selection process
  • Organizing training
  • Cleaning and hospitality
  • Shutdown personnel support

Aggregate Brokerage

For Mining and natural resources, we have in-depth technical and marketing skill advisories who provide tailored solutions for you in all areas for mining, minerals and metals production industries.

Business Brokers

Business brokers apparently known as the middleman service place a pivotal role in assisting the investors to start a main-town business. Their tasks mainly include securing a favorable price, submitting paperwork correctly and fulfilling any licensing and permitting requirements. Other than these they also cater additional services.

  • Determines the fair market value of a business and provides to seller or buyer a certified business evaluation and appraisal.
  • Helps in dissolving a business and will handle the negotiations.
  • Has a proven track record in selling businesses and main street startups
  • Provides financing assistance. We can help a prospective buyer get a loan to buy an existing business.
  • Is knowledgeable and experienced in the sale of all types of businesses and provides personal service.

Broker Services

As mentioned, we deal with all types of broker services to make every real estate deal run hustle free. Broker service is not all about handling from beginning till the end of a deal. But, it’s also about handling the market, advising the clients, learning the trend and linking the ideal seller and buyer. In earlier days broker services were confined and limited to property deals where the service was to act intermediary between the investor and the buyer. But, recently this field enormously has expanded and flourished to much more.